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Rum Fits to DTs – Spectrum and Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal

Rum Fits to DTs- Spectrum and Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal - The SimKit Podcast

In this podcast, we organize withdrawal symptoms and structuralize an approach to the withdrawing patient. 


Emergency Medicine Mansplaining – Gender Equality & How We Can Move Toward It with Dr. Kimon Ioannides

Emergency Medicine Mansplaining - Gender Equality & How We Can Move Toward It - The SimKit Podcast

For a long time, medicine has been a “good ol’ boys club” and in the areas of gender inequity, sexism, and patriarchy, this old way of thinking in medicine really does fall on the wrong side of history. Thankfully, we have made progress away from “the way things used to be,” but so much more work needs to be done. With the lay press and productions like the Barbie movie bringing patriarchy back into the spotlight, we thought it would […]


Post-ROSC Care with Dr. Mike Burla

Post-ROSC care with Dr. Mike Burla - The SimKit Podcast

In this podcast we dive into the current guidelines and literature on post-ROSC care, to help drive better patient outcomes.


Tick Talk: Lyme and Other Tickborne Illnesses with Dr. Jeff Holmes

Tick Talk- Lyme and other tickborne illnesses with Dr. Jeff Holmes - The SimKit Podcast

In this talk we dive into all things tickborne – Lyme, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, and the like.


Work-Life Balance with Rob Orman

Work Life Balance with Rob Orman - The SimKit Podcast

The balance of work and life can sometimes feel artificial. Isn’t work part of my life? Is there such thing as work-life balance? Most importantly- How can I think about and structure my life to be my happiest, most productive self? In this podcast we sit down with Dr. Rob Orman, creator/host of the Stimulus Podcast, physician life-coach, and world-renowned EM educator to talk about life, Emergency Medicine work, the interplay between the two, and ways to strike a healthy […]


Pain-free Dental Cement Application

Applying dental cement to a fractured tooth or exposed nerve can be a pain. The stuff is a thick paste that ends up all over you and the patient during application, and is challenging to get in the right place Here we show a simple way to cleanly and accurately apply dental cement… without the mess. Materials To do this technique, you will need the following: Steps Remember that dental cement dries very quickly and this process is best done […]


Make It Stop!! Vent Alarms and What to Do with Dr. Andrew Phillips

Make It Stop!!- Vent Alarms and What To Do with Dr. Andrew Phillips - The SimKit Podcast

Vent management is a integral skill for the Emergency Medicine doctor, but it is a tricky art. We sat down with Dr. Andrew Phillips, EM and Critical Care trained physician and founder and Editor in Chief of EMCoach, an AI powered board review suite to talk about vent alarms- what they mean, and what to do about them.  High Respiratory Rate Alarm Dr. Phillips points out that this is really a misnomer. The respiratory rate we set on the ventilator […]


Linton, Minnesota, and Blakemore Tubes Demystified

These three tubes are actually rather simple in their design and share a lot of the same structures. They all have gastric aspiration (image 1) and gastric balloons with insufflation ports (image 2) The Blakemore and Minnesota have esophageal balloons with insufflation ports (image 3). And the Linton and Minnesota tubes have intrinsic esophageal aspiration (image 4). This figure shows these same components in table form, as well as the volumes specific to each devices gastric balloon. Balloon Type Gastric […]


The Ketamine Spectrum: From Pain to PSA with Sergey Motov & Ryan Marino

The Ketamine Spectrum with Sergey Motov & Ryan Marino: Part 1 Analgesic Dosing - The SimKit Podcast

We sat down with Sergey Motov & Ryan Marino to discuss The Ketamine Spectrum: From pain control to procedural sedation to chemical take downs.


Trimming the Fat of Note Bloat: 2023 Documentation Guidelines Broken Down with Jason Adler

Trimming the Fat of Note Bloat: 2023 Documentation Guidelines Broken Down with Jason Adler - The SimKit Podcast

2023 brought sweeping changes to the way our notes are billed. We break down the changes in these Documentation Guidelines with Dr. Jason Alder.


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