How SimKit Works

A one year subscription includes everything an emergency medicine physician needs to master important acute procedures, including:

  • A kit delivered to your door every month with a model and supplies
  • Email reminders to complete your learning
  • 12 months of interactive learning sessions
  • Supporting resources including infographics and point of care guides like our procedural and regional anesthesia libraries.

Love the simple set up of the materials. I practiced this at home, I can’t wait to take it to the ED to practice, and share with residents. Good fidelity of the model, with balance of easily repeating.

Jeff H

Automates your plan for learning

Most emergency medicine physicians have good intentions, but it’s hard to find the time to practice procedural skills. In less time than it takes to watch your next show on Netflix, you can gain proficiency in critical emergency procedures.

Reminder email with link

Reminder email with link

Kit arrives at your door

Kit arrives to your door with nearly everything you need

Practice for 30 minutes

Practice for 30 minutes

Build muscle memory with spaced repetition

You’ll learn and practice, then return to practice multiple times over the course of a year. It is easy to fit these 30-minute nuggets into your own schedule and it is proven to be the best way to learn.

Cross media learning experience

The SimKit platform combines online learning with hands-on practice.

Read icon


Step-by-step instructions, indications, contraindications, and material lists

watch icon


Videos on the procedures as well as the practice exercises

practice icon


Using your SimKit model to improve fine motor skills

quiz icon


Yourself using reflective, non-graded interactive quizzes

What’s included

Models & supplies sent monthly

Low-fidelity model and the supplies you’ll need to train your muscle memory.

Multimedia resource library

Complete access to all procedures with written and video-based guidance. You can even learn effective regional anesthesia to help decrease your patient’s opioid consumption.

12 months of curriculum

Online learning and planned practice to master all of the procedures

Most critical acute procedures


Gastroesophageal Balloon

Lateral Canthotomy

Tube Thoracostomy

Point of care resources

Portable reference materials with critical information

Ready for fun and effective procedural training?