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Created by clinicians for clinicians

SimKit Model

SimKit believes emergency medicine clinicians should not have to fight skill set decay on their own. Our integrated platform includes easy-to-use simulation models, step-by-step procedural videos, regional anesthesia instructional pages, and point-of-care infographics. You’ll find everything you need to get sharp and stay sharp.

As a community-based Emergency Medicine physician, I found my procedural competency was my own to manage – sink or swim. 

After a difficult case, I pledged to not leave my patient care and outcomes up to chance. I repeatedly reviewed my notes so I could quickly recognize the need for an emergency procedure and I found ways to practice key motor skills until I had complete muscle memory.

Then, I asked an important question: “shouldn’t all ED docs have this?” SimKit makes what I built for myself available to all, right at their doorstep.

Don’t fight procedural skill set decay on your own. SimKit will meet you where you’re at, and make your learning fast and easy so you can maintain your competence and confidence.

– Jason Hine, MD

Our Team

Jason Hine, MD
Founder, Chief Academic Officer

Jason is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician who received his medical degree from Tufts University and did his residency at Temple University.  He is deeply passionate about digital education and procedural skill set decay, as well as the role of academia/education in improving recruitment, retention, and satisfaction amongst community providers. He is currently an Attending Physician at Southern Maine Health Care. 

Sue Rose-Norfleet, EdD, MPH
Chief Operations Officer

Sue earned an EdD, in Educational Leadership and Administration from the University of New England and a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) at the University of New England. Sue’s skill set includes the management of large projects, especially in the areas of healthcare and education. She is committed to making continuing healthcare education impactful and engaging. She is a Program Manager at Maine Medical Center and an Assistant Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine. 

Isaac Stickney, MEd, CGS
Curriculum Designer

Isaac earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University after receiving a Master of Education from Upper Iowa University. He is an experienced curriculum designer in the healthcare education field with expertise in instructional design and learning management systems. He works as a Curriculum Designer at Maine Medical Center and holds an appointment as an Assistant Professor with Tufts University School of Medicine.