Customer Reviews and Testimonials

practicing with SimKit

Really enjoyed the opportunity to visualize and practice at home. Can’t wait for the next one!

Sam W

More confidence in the mechanical components of the process.

Easy to assemble, I could see running all our nurses through the procedure using the model.

The more times the steps are reviewed the more likely I will be to remember it if I ever need it. 

The modules allow you to memorize and master the frequent limiting factor— the logistics, such as equipment and step by step of each procedure. The muscle memory, while hard-won, can be gained with forced simulation but does require honest effort and imagination. I feel more prepared for my future sick, even dying patients through this mindful practice of life saving procedures.

Love the simple set up of the materials. I practiced this at home, I can’t wait to take it to the ED to practice, share with residents. Good fidelity of the model, with balance of easily repeating. Love the quick infographic.

Jeff H

My kids, 5 and 7, were fascinated by this kit and loved learning about the procedure. Last night my 5 year old taught his friend how to do a cric (don’t worry, I did not let him use the scalpel). This is probably totally irrelevant to the goals of the kit (although maybe teaching a cric to a 5 year old helps me retain it?), but it was a super fun side effect and they can’t wait for the next one.

Sam W

Simkit would be a valuable addition to resident and attending education.

Anatomically accurate model, feels close to the real thing having done one recently.

I have not had to place a Blakemore tube in over 20 years. Good practice.

I have only done this once over 10 years ago and it was a great experience.

The calm and controlled environment of working your way through the modules And going over the indications and contraindications will leave residents and attending feeling more prepared when the time comes to act.

I was able to easily teach my wife and the baby she nanny’s for. Now they are both experts!