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SimKit is a medical education company focused on delivering procedural training to clinicians. Our training kit and accompanying 12-month training subscription help clinicians gain confidence in their procedural skills. This high-quality, convenient option for your CME arrives monthly at your door with the digital learning and hands-on experience you need to fight skill decay.

Gain Skills And Confidence

Emergency Medicine clinicians are expected to know what to do without hesitation. With lives on the line, you must quickly diagnose and then execute critical procedures. SimKit will train your muscle memory to kick in during these stressful situations.

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Fight Skill Decay In 30 Minutes A Month

We’ve built our curriculum using evidence-based cognitive science—you’ll learn using short, monthly lessons, so that it sticks.

Your kits will arrive at your door in monthly boxes. Over your 12 month curriculum, you will gain mastery in four High Acuity, Low Occurrence (HALO) procedures. You’ll receive multiple boxes for the same procedure, with increasingly complex modules. After reviewing the instructional video, you’ll practice on SimKit’s low-fidelity models, then take a quiz to confirm you’ve got it.

At SimKit, we focus on the infrequent, high-stakes procedures you’ll encounter in emergency care environments such as cricothyrotomy, gastroesophageal balloon, tube thoracostomy, and more.

Got CME Funds to Use Before July?

We’ve got you covered. Get convenient acute training kits and online tutorials delivered to your doorstep, paid for by your employer! These high-quality training tools will be yours forever, and you can reference them as needed throughout your career to refresh your skills.

Your physical + digital subscription includes:

Physical models for hands-on practice

Simple and effective simulators are delivered to your doorstep along with any key tools for hands-on practice. The kit is yours to keep.

Point of Care Resources

These portable cards will remind you of the critical steps. Each procedure comes with simple infographics that break things down into easy to follow steps.

12 Months of Interactive Learning Sessions

The step-by-step curriculum builds skills and muscle memory as you watch and practice then reflect with interactive quizzes to confirm what you learned.

Multimedia resource library

Each procedure is complete with indications, contraindications, written steps and video guides. This digital library is kept up-to-date and is accessible at any time from anywhere with an online device.

You will also have access to a library of regional anesthesia techniques to keep your practice of Emergency Medicine on the cutting edge.

How SimKit Works

A one year subscription includes everything an emergency medicine physician needs to master important acute procedures, including:

  • A kit delivered to your door every month with a model and supplies
  • Email reminders to complete your learning
  • 12 months of interactive learning sessions
  • Supporting resources including infographics and point of care guides like our procedural and regional anesthesia libraries.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Can I get Continuing Medical Education credits?

Yes! We want you to get the most out of your subscription. Not only does this include stellar education, but also credit for the work you put in. The SimKit Annual subscription is accredited for AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ See accreditation information here.

How much time do the lessons take?

We expect each monthly practice session to take about 30 minutes, with additional time allotted when you need more practice.

What procedures are included in this training?

SimKit subscription boxes focus our medical procedural training on the most time-sensitive or stress-inducing procedures medical professionals have to perform. This includes:
• Cricothyrotomy
• Gastroesophageal balloon tamponade
• Chest tube placement
• Lateral canthotomy

Our lessons are based on the concept of spaced repetition to build muscle memory and procedural confidence. Every three months you’ll return to a procedure, with increasing complexity and fidelity each time. 

The first box for a procedure contains the lowest fidelity training materials. As you progress with a procedure, each subsequent box evolves in complexity, adding tactile elements in addition to visual elements. In this way, you will be confident in the foundational elements of a procedure before adding more information.  

But there’s more to come! SimKit is actively developing modules and training in many other procedures which will be added to the curriculum as they finalize.

Does my kit include everything I need to practice?

Almost. For many procedures (cric for example), the materials needed are universal so the kits are all-inclusive. But we believe it is important to train with the equipment that you will actually use in your department. So for some procedures, you will want to supplement with supplies from your ED. For example, we wouldn’t want to send you a Blakemore tube if you stock a Minnesota.

Are the supplies mine to keep?

Yes! Our program runs over a 12-month period, but you keep each SimKit subscription box and its contents to use the materials over and over. Each model in the kit is designed to remain functional long after your subscription ends. Our hope is for you to use these tools over and over so you can practice these critical procedures anytime.

How is the training structured?

Our program is based on cognitive science principles including spaced repetition. Learning and practicing for a short amount of time—about 30 minutes per month—at regular intervals is ideal for long-term retention and efficient learning.

When should I expect my first box?

Boxes will be delivered at the start of each month. Your purchase date will determine when you receive your first box. Subscriptions purchased prior to the 15th of the month will be sent close to the start of the following month. Subscriptions purchased after the 15th will be sent for the start of the month after the next. For example: If you purchase your subscription on January 5, your first box will be delivered at the start of February. If you purchase your subscription on January 17th, your first box will be delivered at the start of March.

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Fight Skill Decay Today

Our innovative and convenient lessons use digital learning and hands-on experience to help you maintain proficiency in these critical procedures.